The World's Fair Podcast: July 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Episode 14: Urso's Expo 2010, part 2

In episode 14, Urso continues his tour of Expo 2010 with the pavilions of Coca-Cola, Cisco, the World Expo Museum, the Pavilion of Footprint, South Korea Corporate, Information and Communications, the Urban Best Practices Area, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, Armenia, Macedonia, Albania, Malta, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Cyprus, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, and Estonia.

ExpoMuseum's photos on Flickr:
Coca-Cola Pavilion Pavilion
Cisco Pavilion
World Expo Museum
Pavilion of Footprint
South Korea Corporate Pavilion
Information and Communication Pavilion
Urban Best Practices Area
Belarus Pavilion
Bosnia-Herzegovina Pavilion
Liechtenstein Pavilion
Armenia Pavilion
Macedonia Pavilion
Albania Pavilion
Malta Pavilion
Azerbaijan Pavilion
San Marino Pavilion
Cyprus Pavilion
Sweden Pavilion
Iceland Pavilion
Denmark Pavilion
Latvia Pavilion
Estonia Pavilion

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